#51 – Naps and Slaps

Laura opens the show describing what every young toddler mom dreads – a skipped nap. Both Caitlin and Laura talk about another podcaster who recently became a mom and reminisce about their own birth stories and the amnesia about labor and early motherhood that sets in after you’re through the hardest first months.  #idontgotthis revolves around our toddlers being sneaky in different ways. Our #igotthis moments find us patting ourselves on our backs for thinking ahead.

Stuff we talked about:

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Milkies milk saver

#ILikeThis: Milkies Milk Saver

When I was nursing, I never had the greatest supply and on top of that my son was a terrible weight gainer (ahem, not like his mama). For a couple of months after he was born, I would nurse him, put him down and pop on the pump immediately after to get anything left for additional bottle feeding in between nursing.  Needless to say, as someone who chose to exclusively breastfeed, every drop of my milk was precious. Anyone who’s breastfed or pumped in any capacity will surely understand, if nothing else because you want to make this uncomfortable, time consuming, occasionally painful activity of someone or something squeezing stuff out of you worthwhile. Keep Reading

#50 – Dumb Parents & Sleeping Babies

Laura and Caitlin discuss recent sleep issues they are having with their toddlers, Caitlin’s being self-inflicted.  There’s an IVF update and #igotthis and #idontgotthis moments, the latter about boneheaded moves around food.  Laura has 2 #ilikethis items so tune in to hear her recommendations.

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#49 – Shade is a Universal Language

**If you’re podcast player downloaded a 15 minute version of this episode, delete and redownload. We mention in the description that the show is slightly shorter than normal, but we didn’t mean THAT short!

Caitlin gives a not-so-great IVF update, involving a moderate amount of uncertainty. Laura recounts a day that went from bad to worse. We talk about the precedents we set when we cave to tantrums.  Today’s episode is slightly shorter than usual, a result of a those curious toddler fingers! Keep Reading

#48 – Toddlers Though

We open the show talking about recent 18 month pediatrician appointments, and the general feedback about talking, weight and development. Our #idontgotthis moments are unsurprisingly about the challenges of having toddlers and their generally wild behavior. Laura’s #igotthis revolves around creatively tiring out a little one.

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#47 – IVF Jokes Are Cool, Right?

Caitlin talks about her recent visit to the IVF clinic and wonders whether she made a few too many inappropriate jokes, and Laura’s #idontgotthis may want you to run to the bathroom immediately to wash your hands. We both reminisce about the times we’ve compared and despaired, and how unhelpful comparing children at this age is.     

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#ILikeThis: Velcro Swaddles

This series is dedicated to things that have made or are making life as a mom easier and more enjoyable. Have something you couldn’t survive motherhood without? Tweet us @heymamapodcast with #ilikethis!

Oh, swaddles. How we love thee. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to use the beautiful muslin swaddles from brands like Aden & Anais or Modern Burlap. I am a sucker for lovely prints and soft texture.  For the uninitiated, these are basically lightweight blankets that you fold around your baby like a little burrito. Why swaddle, you ask? Well, a few reasons. Newborns have what’s called a startle reflex, or Moro reflex, where they throw their arms out as you lay them down – a holdover from our ape days so they weren’t dropped in the jungle.  Anyways, when they startle like that, and you’ve just gotten them to fall back asleep and you’ve never been so tired, and “is my shirt on?” – well they sometimes wake up. And you’ll never sleep.  Also, there are schools of thought, popularized by Dr. Harvey Karp in The Happiest Baby on the Block, that say that newborns, who are used to the cozy confines of the womb, have trouble adjusting outside. Therefore, the swaddle returns them to that cozy feeling of soothing comfort, particularly to colicky babies.

We indeed found that David slept better when swaddled, which he did up to about 4.5 months old. (Quick disclaimer: swaddles are NOT recommended once babies start rolling over. Please consult your pediatrician on whether you should swaddle.) Returning to pregnant me, I was excited to use these darling swaddle blankets and when a family member who had given birth the month before I was due advised that I not bother with them and go straight to the velcro swaddles. I thought “well, SHE’S taking the shortcut. I’M taking this challenge and am going to be THE BEST swaddler. I don’t use velcro shoes, I am not using velcro swaddles!” Yeah, I’m an idiot. Swaddling the old way usually ended up like this:

So, needless to say, I wised up. I ventured into the realm of velcro – and my life was that much better for it.  David wasn’t as able to sneak an arm out (though occasionally he used some reserve of freakish baby strength to do it), and definitely couldn’t pop a leg out.  There were no more middle of the night frustration spells cause we couldn’t fold the blanket right.  My husband was beyond relieved.  Here you have a perfect illustration, before and after, using a Halo Sleep Sack:

There are a couple of prominent brands, and all are wonderful.  First up, SwaddleMe by Summer Infant, which I think may have been one of the early pioneers (thank you kind angels):

SwaddleMe® Original Swaddle 1-PK - Grey Arrows (SM)

SwaddleMe has multiple sizes, depending on your child’s weight, and materials (fleece, cotton or something called velboa). They also have a transitional approach as your child grows, going from a swaddle to more of a blanket once they roll. I liked this brand because of how snug you could get the babe.

Next, we have Halo Sleep Sack:

I loved this one because it did double duty – while we still swaddled our kiddo, it had the essential velcro, and once we couldn’t swaddle him anymore it functioned as a sleep sack, since the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend loose bedding before the age of 1.  Halo also has a bunch of sizes and fabrics, and as a brand grows really well – they have larger sized sleep sacks for 18 months and up, which is great for the babes that have grown used to the feeling.

In a related category, there is a zip-up swaddle (hi, still easier!) and one of the kookier looking ones, the Love to Dream SwadddleUP:

see? weird right?

We gave this one a go when we were trying to wean him off the swaddle (a story for another day), as it still held him all snuggly but without the arms down.  Might be a good option for newborns that don’t seem to be calmed by the traditional swaddle.

Also in the zip-up category is the Woombie:

Image result for woombie

Same idea, swaddle with arms down, but with a little more stretch for those babes who need it.

There are more sleep options, with Aden & Anais rocking a snap-up version (not recommended – what tired parent wants to snap stuff up)  the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit, and just a straight up traditional sleep sack. It all depends on what works for you and your newborn.  Our recommendation is velcro, but if you can borrow from a friend first, that’s ideal so you aren’t investing in something your baby hates.

Happy sleeping!


Laura covers her terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad New Year’s, but we promise it’s a funny (at least it is now) story to everyone except for maybe Tim. Caitlin updates on the IVF process and her feelings about that thus far. We both go through our #igotthis and #idontgotthis moments, which mostly involve overcoming negative emotions. Charlie chimes in with his opinion on, you guessed it, b-u-b-b-l-e-s.

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#45 – Strollers AKA Impossible Puzzles

This week we finally get to some listeners’ #igotthis and #idontgotthis moments (so, so sorry)! We also recap how Christmas morning went and Laura describes an alarming family holiday decoration that of course Charlie was fascinated with.

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#44 – Christmastime Catch-up

We spend a very chatty podcast catching up on holiday plans and recent news in our lives. There was so much to talk about we didn’t even get to #igotthis or #igotthis moments – we’ll return to these next week.  We spent too much time on going out horror stories and an apology that Caitlin had for Laura.  Happy New Year everyone – we hope your 2017 is better and brighter, not to mention filled with perfectly behaved children.

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