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Laura Broder

#61 – Just One of Those Weeks

Laura opens the show with *drink* an emotionally draining story about a bad week with her toddler.  But, don’t worry, it has a sweet moment at the end. We spend a lot of the show talking about dealing with toddler tantrums and how they make you feel like a parenting failure. Caitlin talks about renovating with a young toddler.

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Introducing Solids

Obligatory disclaimer: WE ARE NOT DOCTORS! Check with your pediatrician before changing any aspect of your child’s diet.

On this week’s episode, we reminisce about starting solids. Below we’ve compiled our thoughts and other resources on the subject. Keep Reading

#60 – Introducing Solids

We open the show discussing our thoughts/responses to April the Giraffe’s labor and delivery of her baby.  We give dispatches from the “NO” front, and Laura explains how Charlie is 2 going on 16. We spend the bulk of the show answering a user’s question about introducing solids, and discussing putting together a will.

Stuff we talked about:

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#59 – Wild and Crazy Nights Out

Ok, maybe a little less wild than they used to be! Caitlin and Laura talk about respective upcoming celebratory plans and discuss the super-fun suburban ragers they’re having in their thirties. Laura tells a funny story of a face-off she recently had with Charlie. Guess who won?

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#58 – Do You Miss Your Toddler

Be prepared to play the “Hey Mama Drinking Game: Does Laura Cry/a Broder Is Sick”. We talk about how much we miss (or don’t miss) toddlers vs. infants and catch everyone up on illnesses and medical procedures. As per usual, our boys kept a steady, soothing background noise of shrieks and yells for your listening pleasure.

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#57 – Swearing Toddlers?

We talk about ages and birthdays, bad nights with our toddlers, road travel and more! Caitlin catches Laura up on a hectic week. We discuss differing approaches to parenting in general and adult language in particular.

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#56 – Toddler Personalities & Discipline

Laura talks about her mysteriously fastidious son, who is quite particular about tidiness. We talk about toddler behavior and how excited we get when our kids behave well. As usual, we end up talking about what and how much our kids our eating and how they’re behaving.

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#55 – Even More Epic Adventuring

We open the show by catching up on recent trips and update each other on the latest goings-on, including a stressful travel story.  Caitlin gives an IVF update and we somehow veer off into talking about the rhythm method.

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#54 – Ask an OB-GYN!

We continue our Ask a? series with a great conversation with Dr. Reut Moyal and Dr. Dhruti Mehta on topics ranging from c-sections, to contraception, to post-partum mood changes.  Listen in as we pick their brains and get great info on birth plans and more. 

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#53 – Disturbing Barbie Play

Laura and Caitlin begin this week’s episode by calling out some unsupportive family members. Then Caitlin describes her debilitating neck pain and guess what…Charlie’s sick again! Laura has a completely irrational freak out and the mamas describe the weird stuff they did with Barbies and at summer camp.

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