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Shopping for Activewear – The #FitMom Edition

by Kerry O’Grady, Fitness Blogger

Before you read any further, I need to tell you something.

I do not have children.

Therefore, I am not a mother.

If A, then B, therefore C: I know nothing about kids.

In fact, the only things I know about kids is from the three and a half years I spent working at Parents, American Baby, and FamilyFun magazines. And, in complete transparency, I didn’t even write for those brands; I just tried to get moms to buy stuff (I worked in the marketing department).

Now, keep reading. Keep Reading

tips for online security

6 tips on protecting your family’s digital presence

by Henry Kravchenko, Information Technology Expert

In early 2017 the credit tracking agency Equifax was breached, which resulted in the theft of approximately 143 Million SSNs and additional personally identifiable information (PII). The global cost of cyber crime is projected to reach $2 trillion by 2019, a threefold increase from the 2015 estimate of $500 billion. Cyber crime is real, you’ve been impacted and someone has at least one of your super duper secret passwords. Don’t believe me? Please navigate to and look up your email address.

I apologize for scaring you, but I need your attention. Below are 6 things you can do to mitigate the effect (you can never prevent) of cyber crime on your family.  Keep Reading

Baby Registry Checklist

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. Hopefully you’ve made it out of the first trimester with your dignity intact, and you’re starting to feel better.

So, your registry. Do you need one? Well, most people do. Loved ones and friends are going to buy you stuff, whether you have a shower or not. So it’s best to have a list for them to buy from, instead of having them go rouge (this is also my advice re: wedding registries).

Keep reading to find out what you do and don’t need on your registry. We’ve also compiled all this information into a spreadsheet, so head over there to see our advice in all its tabulated glory. This post will summarize the essential items, but the spreadsheet has the whole kit and caboodle. Please feel free to download the spreadsheet and make it your own!

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Baby clothes blog post

Children’s Apparel Retailer Run-Down

The world of children’s clothes is vast and fun. But like most things in new parenthood, it is overwhelming.  I created this list as I realized it might be fun to have this stuff in one handy list, maybe something you show your loved ones who like getting your kiddo clothes, inspiration for the next time your little needs new shoes, etc.  When it comes to sizing, Keep Reading

Books About Difficult Topics

Here’s a list I sincerely hope you never have to use. We would all love to insulate our children from life’s tragedies, but unfortunately, we can’t always. If tough stuff hits your family, reading about it can help kids process. It also gives you an important intro into discussing things that can be hard to bring up.

The books are geared towards kids ages 2-5. Thanks again to Cara Aloisio, LCSW for compiling this list! Keep Reading

Pride T-Shirts from Etsy For Kids!

It’s Gay Pride Month! Whether you just want to show solidarity, are a member of the LGBTQ community, plan on marching or just want family to know you’re an ally, there’s a cute shirt to help you on Etsy! Target has some good stuff too, which Cool Mom Picks just posted about, but since I am currently obsessed with Etsy for kid clothes, I scoured the site a bit for options (man there are some stinkers out there).   Take a look at our faves below!

Monster and The Moose

kids pride tshirt

JamJamsJam – T-Shirt

toddler gay pride

JamJamsJam – Playsuit

kids pride onesie


LGBTQ Love Onesie


Pride Love is Love Kids shirt

Support independent creators while simultaneously showing solidarity!

Books About Transitions

Transitions! They happen all the time. One of the best ways to prepare kids for transitions to is read books about the situation, before it happens. Below is a list of books for specific types of transitions. They are geared towards kids ages 2-5. Thanks to Cara Aloisio, LCSW for compiling this list! Keep Reading

Introducing Solids

Obligatory disclaimer: WE ARE NOT DOCTORS! Check with your pediatrician before changing any aspect of your child’s diet.

On this week’s episode, we reminisce about starting solids. Below we’ve compiled our thoughts and other resources on the subject. Keep Reading

#ILikeThis: Nursing Apparel

Ah, nursing apparel, the sexiest of clothing and undergarments. My husband could barely keep his hands off of me!  Said no one, ever. While nursing apparel ain’t the hottest of clothing, your “regular” shirts’ collars will thank you.  Like anything related to early infancy, there are a ton of options and things can get overwhelming pretty quickly.  Let’s chat about our recommendations! Keep Reading

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