#27 – Adjusting Expectations…a Lot

**In this episode we mention a potential website redesign. Through the magic of time travel (and recording episodes ahead of time), here is the updated website! Enjoy!

Laura talks about feeding issues she’s having with Charlie and how much to correct bad behavior.  Caitlin gets her segments confused and talks about feeling productive.  Charlie learns a new trick in an #igotthis while David is still sippy cup-challenged in and #idontgotthis.

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#25 – Weaning Depression

We open the show by discussing the latest status on our son’s walking abilities, and cover a baby poop experience Caitlin had recently.  We also talk about depressing after weaning from breastfeeding and our experience with depression in general.  

If you are feeling suicidal, help is available: contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

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20 Tips for Infant Travel

Air Travel with an Infant

Traveling with infants isn’t easy, but with a few tips and tricks, you too can conquer this.  I like to think of it as a skill you can hone, and you can do it too! David has now been to Florida, Nashville and Atlanta in his 13 months and we’ve all survived.  Let us know if you want us to add to this with car travel tips!

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#24 – Ask a Chef!

We bring in our friend, professional chef Selvia (@mixingbowl on Facebook and Instagram), and talk to her about cooking for babies, toddlers and ourselves. We ask for her ideas on quick or easy meal ideas for the family, what are the most essential items for a busy parent’s kitchen, and what are the most useless things people buy for cooking.  She gives great advice for busy parents on how to meal prep and cook holistically.  We all go through our #igotthis and #idontgotthis moments of the week, and generally spend a lot of time geeking out about food.

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#23 – Deciding to Breastfeed

We open the show by with an email from a listener – an expecting, first time mom grapples with whether or not to breastfeed. Laura and Caitlin offer their viewpoints on breastfeeding and what led to their decision to do so. We commiserate with a listener who lost 12oz of breastmilk (this is A LOT) in her #idontgotthis moment for the week.  As usual, we cover our own #igotthis and #idontgotthis moments, and Caitlin offers her new favorite swaddle brand as a #ilikethis.

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#22 – Ask a Lactation Consultant!

We’re back! This week we interview the person who, I think we can safely say, was critical to our breastfeeding success – our lactation consultant, Judy McArdle, RN & IBCLC.  She answers all of our burning questions about milk supply issues, what to do if you are separated from your baby after birth, how she became an LC, and much much more. It bears noting – we are not anti-formula as #fedisbest, but since we breastfed and always had questions in the early days, we hope this episode helps those who have questions around their decision to breastfeed.  Thank you to New York-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital for allowing us to invade the facility and pepper Judy with questions!  

NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital has a long and well-established history of providing superior healthcare to the residents of southern Westchester County and its surrounding communities. The 288-bed hospital joined the NewYork-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network in 2014 and offers a renovated Maternity Department. For more information, visit www.nyp.org/lawrence

Twitter: @NYPLawrence

Facebook: Facebook.com/nyplawrence

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#20 – First Birthday Parties, Drugs and Tattoos

We talk about the relatively tame events that were our sons’ first birthday parties and then move on to our wilder days of youthful experimentation, covering how we’ll approach the topic when our sons ask.  You’ll never guess where Laura has tattoos and piercings!  #idontgotthis revolves around poop and food, while #igotthis has us in a self-congratulatory mood.

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#19 – Dude, Where’s My Rack?

We open by talking about our party prep for our son’s birthday’s and Laura recounts her HVAC saga. There’s a little #tittytalk around sagging boobs and how much we miss our pre-pregnancy boobs. We talk clingy babies, sippy cups, bottles, bug bites and finger foods. Happy Birthday to David, love you to the moon!

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