We are a weekly podcast about the good days & bad days we have as mothers, wives & people. We hope we can help every mama get through their day. You got this!

Hey Mama Host Portrait

Caitlin is a part time freelancer in digital advertising, a photographer and a full time mom. She’s originally from Western New York and can drive a boat. You can see Caitlin’s work at caitlinkphotography.com or follow her on Facebook and Instagram. She recently added entrepreneur to her resume – nursing moms and those who love them can purchase lactation cookies, teas and more at her newest venture Hey Mama Kitchen.

Laura is a part time project manager and full time mom. She is originally from New England. She enjoys reading, dancing, and laughing.

You can follow Laura on Twitter or Instagram.

How we met
We originally met in a breastfeeding class at our hospital, though we were too in our own bubbles of pregnancy to connect. We then had our babies 6 days apart and began attending a breastfeeding support group. We chatted, went to a yoga class together, and the rest is history.

The podcast
A couple months into our friendship, we discovered that we both love podcasts. It took us several months to figure out microphones, editing, Libsyn, etc…but here we are!