Baby clothes blog post

Children’s Apparel Retailer Run-Down

The world of children’s clothes is vast and fun. But like most things in new parenthood, it is overwhelming.  I created this list as I realized it might be fun to have this stuff in one handy list, maybe something you show your loved ones who like getting your kiddo clothes, inspiration for the next time your little needs new shoes, etc.  When it comes to sizing, I’ll note what I found worked for David, but it’s always best, when giving baby clothes as a gift, to err a size or two bigger than the child’s age.  Start at 3 months for unborn babies – you never know how big they’ll be! Quick note: I use non-sale item onesie prices for comparison here and there. Another note: Gerber has the trademark on the word “onesie”, and so all the other retailers have to call them bodysuits or playsuits – we’re using the words interchangeably here. Enjoy!

Hey Mama Favorites

Carter's 5-Pack Short-Sleeve Original Bodysuits

Carter’s – A staple in our house. These are cute, affordable children’s clothes from newborn to age 8. They frequently have great sales and also offer a rewards program to boot. I’ve walked away paying very little after redeeming points I had stored up. They have cute basics, sets that make mixing and matching easy (great for those less fashion-inclined in the house, or easy morning dressing for daycare that won’t make you wonder at work if your kid is wearing a dress over her overalls), and the aforementioned SALES.  Quality is decent but won’t take excessive wear and tear, and some of their logo/imagery is a little much. Onesie price range: $7.00-$12.00 but they are offering a buy one get two right now, and with the multi-packs, it often ends up being much less than this. Size: ran true to size for my average sized kid.

Rip-&-Repair Denim Overalls - Natural Indigo

OshKosh B’gosh – Carters’ sister company, famous for their overalls – I think I still have mine from toddlerhood somewhere – serving the same ages as above, with a slightly higher price point.  I also find their styles are a little preppier, but their quality slightly better than Carter’s.  Onesie price range: $7.95-$14.00. Size: Also ran true to size for my kid, who was low on the percentile chart for the duration of his infancy.

Gap Baby Clothes

BabyGap – Classic styles at about the same price point as OshKosh. I found their clothes to be really high quality and really fun, without being obviously hipster-y, or too over the top slogan-covered.  Gap also runs great sales and promo codes on the site, so pay attention when you get there. They definitely are sized for long babies, so bear that in mind when considering what size to get. Onesie price range: $14.95-$19.95. Size: Seems to be sized for TALL babies. Order one size smaller if you have a short kiddo.

Image 1 of from Zara

Zara – Oh man the darling cuteness with these clothes! Laura would exclusively dress Charlie in Zara Kids if she could.  It has the slightly European boho vibe, without being obnoxious, that you feel like you could pull off as a family. Great quality stuff that feels luxurious, and a simplicity that seems timeless. Onsesie price range: They don’t really offer onesies, so their t-shirt prices are about $9.90-$12.90. Size: Slightly on the larger size – I’d order to size here for wiggle room.

Other Retailers We Like

Affordable to Mid-Range:

H&M – Some of their baby stuff was HUGE on my kid, but their organic line of onesies is amazingly soft.  Their styles are cute and affordable!

Old Navy – They have great sales and are a good place to get pajamas, which I seemed to go through one each day in the first year…or two. Ok two.  My kid is a big nighttime pee-er.

The Children’s Place – Fun if you like bright sayings on kids clothes, and they seem to have cute girl dresses.  I also found they have fun holiday-related gear.

Higher End

Janie and Jack – Adorable, high quality baby clothes you might be lucky enough to be gifted from a generous aunt or childless friend (me, once) who doesn’t know that $40 is too much for an infant dress you’ll experience a poop-splosion in.

Hanna Anderson – Brightly colored, great quality clothes. Find their size chart on their site – their sizes are European (I think) and the number system may as well be Greek to me.

Baby Boden – A personal favorite! If I could afford to, I would exclusively dress David in Boden.

Joules – Another British retailer I’d raid if money weren’t an option

Petit Bateau – Apparently Europeans are fancy with their kid clothes. Take a look just for funsies and to marvel at what people spend on baby clothes.

Bonpoint – Forget it. Are you royalty?

Small Retailers

Lenny Lemons – Fun, slightly hipster-y clothes that go beyond the boring basics – their Instagram is fun and filled with gorgeous images too.

Spearmint – On the fancier side, they sell clothes, baby accessories like bibs and burp cloths, toys and more. Beautifully curated stuff!

Art & Eden – Also on the more expensive side, you can shop with a conscience here – every purchase goes toward Hope Worldwide, helping children in need with mentoring, medication and multivitamins.

Ellie Fun Day – Another ethical retailer – all their items are made by marginalized women in India.

Nununu World – Does your husband have a man bun? Do you skateboard? Then this is the brand for you! (It’s one of the most hipster brands I’ve come across).  Lots of black and white, dropped crotch pants, etc.

Lulu and Roo – Mostly girl clothes (boy clothes have come a long way, but there’s no topping girl stuff), and I’m including them mostly for their adorable headbands, which (if you’re into that kind of thing) don’t veer into froofy puffball territory and more cool kiddo style.

Aden and Anais – This purveyor of the ubiquitous muslin swaddles and blankets came out with clothing a couple of years ago and dang is it cute. I’ve seen their clothing a bigger retailers like Target, but they have a shop online with some clothes.

Primary – Sick of clothes heavy with text like “Big Man” or “Ladies Love Me”? This is the brand for you – they sell simple clothing in a variety of colors and styles, no sequins, logos, etc.  I’ve seen a lot of their ads around, and you may have too, but don’t skip them, especially if you’d rather not super-gender your kid out of the gate with a onesie that says “Daddy’s Princess”, if that’s not your thing. Even if it is, it’s nice to have simple options too.

A Little Etsy Fun

Mochi Kids – Really cool clothes with fun graphics. I heart their donut shirts and that may be because it marries two favorite things: my kid and donuts.

Moonroom Kids – Lovely, vintage looking clothing that harkens back to when clothing was handmade out of necessity. Her linen pieces look cool and simple.

Hochet Gaga – Fun parent-kid combo shirts!