families belong together

#FamiliesBelongTogether – Ways to Help

Here at Hey Mama Podcast, we’re a little stunned that we have to say this: children, regardless of their immigration status, belong with their parents. This country cannot purport to have family values at its core and continue to separate already scared and traumatized children from their main source of comfort and familiarity.  That’s not even addressing the questions around who is caring for them and what level of danger they are being put in when they are placed with temporary care.

There is a lot of amazing work being done and resources being offered to those interested in helping.  Here are a few round-ups/lists of ways to help and explanations on what’s happening:

A Cup of Jo: On Stopping Family Separation

Cool Mom Picks: What You Should Know & What You Can Do

Center For Public Policy’s explainer

Organizations You Can Support

Yes, But What Else Can I Do?

A dear friend of ours shared this document that outlines 5+ actions you can do beyond just donate. Most of the items here are quick, so you can do it in between caring for your kiddos or during your lunchtime.

Our hearts, wallets and voices are with the parents who have been separated from their children.