#182 – Nightly Sojourn

Laura recaps Tommy’s birthday, in which the struggle was real for Charlie. David goes on a nighttime adventure. Caitlin gives some family photo session tips, as Laura prepares for her family’s session with Caitlin (Caitlin K Photography if you’re in the tristate area!). Caitlin is here to remind you again: DO NOT BUY HALLOWEEN CANDY EARLY NEXT YEAR.

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Stuff we talked about:

  • Photo session tips:
    • Wear mostly or all solids. If you want to put someone in a pattern, pick one person. Put everyone else in solids to match.
    • Caitlin isn’t a fan of the entire family in matching outfits. Maybe two kids.
    • Go for coordinating tones (everyone is shades of the same color or colors in the same family).
    • Outerwear:
      • Jackets are tough. Use them if they’re really cute and coordinating. Otherwise, ditch them.
      • Wear layers
      • Cute hats. Ideally no pattern.
    • Two year olds are tough; bring whatever incentivizes them to do anything – toys, ipad
  • Ikea High Chair ($20)
  • Super Hero Plate
  • Caitlin’s friend’s hamper / laundry basket – It’s no longer available, so here are two similar ones on Amazon: one, two
  • Laura has this kind of hamper in Tommy’s room; very functional, not cute.

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