#200 – The Naivete Before the Coronavirus Storm

*DISCLAIMER: We recorded this podcast on March 11, which was just before it became abundantly clear to us that COVID-19 was not just on our doorstep, it was in our figurative yard, and in our figurative garage. Therefore you will hear us (and in particular, Caitlin) continue to question the contagion, the responses, the leading edge worriers, and overall what we should have been doing. Rest assured listeners, we have since done a 180 degree shift and are aggressively social distancing. Enjoy our naivete and blissful unawareness about what was about to hit us. Know that we have changed, that it’s ok to change your mind and do better. Please: STAY HOME.  

Caitlin talks about a recent hard night she had with both boys, and how she’s begun snoring. Laura has been enjoying being out in the nice weather (blergh) and recaps Siblings Without Rivalry and How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk.

We talked about:

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Music: Hanami by Fabian Measures