#211 – Everything Was “Fine” Until It Wasn’t

Quick programming note: this episode was recorded a few weeks before the events of Memorial Day weekend and the murder of George Floyd.  While the Black Lives Matter movement is and should always be elevated, the particular cultural moment of the last days of May and first days of June isn’t acknowledged here as the murder wasn’t widespread news yet. Please educate yourself on this movement today, tomorrow and in the years beyond this time.  

Laura opens the show by discussing a child-induced back injury she’s dealing with, but luckily has other good news to help alleviate that issue. Caitlin talks about her uneventful Memorial Day weekend, and the privilege of being able to go somewhere and pretend nothing was happening for a while. We talk about people who have another house to go to in order to escape COVID. Laura is cautiously optimistic about a new development, and is on a skin saga to help with pandemic pimps.

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Music: Hanami by Fabian Measures